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Information 2019
Year 2018

On Saturday 24.3. a great day was at the Horácký zimní stadion in Jihlava. The long-term and careful preparation of the whole figure skating club culminated in the start of international competitions in Jihlava Hedgehog Synchronized Skating. These competitions are increasingly popular with both Czech and foreign teams, so 36 of them competed for this year’s competition.

About Jihlava

Jihlava, situated on the midway between Prague and Brno, is the capital of the Vysočina region. Historicaly it used to be the oldest mining town in Bohemia and that is why it can offer monuments even from mediavel times. Dominating the city center are the massive medieval walls. There are three early Gothic churches (St. Jacob,[1] Friars Minor church of Our Lady and Dominican church of the Holy Cross), the Baroque church of St. Ignatius of Loyola situated in the centre of the city, the Town Hall and a number of houses containing Gothic and Renaissance details. Walking through the historical center is worth it.


Dukla Jihlava – ICE RINK
Tolstého 1566/23, 586 01 Jihlava
+420 567 310 014


The team buses may park on the ICOM Bus Station or 1km nearby Railway Station.
In the Icehall direct, there is an underground paid parking for cars, 30,- CZK/hour.
You may park also in the Street Jana Masaryka (by the Grammar School – Gymnázium).
Do not park in ZONE C – it is a residence in Street Tyršova.


Please direct all your inquiries to:

Jihlavský ježek 2019
DUKLA Jihlava – mládež, z.s.
Contact person: Bc. Linda Haferníková
Tolstého 1566/23, 586 01 Jihlava
Tel.:    +420 737 208 504


All teams shall provide their competition music of excellent quality and send it via email in the form of MP3-file either as attachment or as a download link to the following email address:

Each emails subject should be in the format: MUSIC – Category name – Team Name.
The coach should take the music on USB with.


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